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How to properly care for your coquito:

  • Store it in the fridge when not consuming. If possible, lay it on its side. It will last for a good 2-3 months if stored properly even after you open it.

  • Give it a really nice shake before serving. Like ... more than you think. Shake it until all the spices have fully blended. If there is a thick clump on the top of the bottle keep shaking it until it completely blends. That clump is simply the coconut cream separating.

  • It can be served chilled or over ice.

  • Too thick? Take it out of the fridge for a few minutes and give it another shake.

  • Wish it had more of a kick? Go ahead and add a little more rum, whiskey, cognac or brandy. Whatever floats your boat. Just remember .... you can always add, but never take away. So, just add a little before adding again to your liking.

  • Traveling? You can absolutely take these bottles with you on your flight. You must check them in and they must not be opened. So, keep them sealed and I would recommend freezing your bottles before packing them in your luggage. You can purchase cold bubble mailers to store them in so the condensation doesn't wet your other personal items. I would also recommend checking directly with your airline to ensure you can bring your bottle in your checked in luggage.

  • Looking to store them for a longer time? You can absolutely freeze your bottle until you are ready to consume. This will preserve the freshness of your coquito and it even turns into a yummy ice cream if you freeze it in an appropriate plastic container.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and I hope you have a wonderful coquito experience!

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